A total of 7 black and white ceramic replica watches

CHANEL participated in Watches & Wonders this year with an armful of colorful new products. Chanel's preparations were more meticulous than any other year, to the extent that the expression "sharpened the knife properly" would be appropriate. In particular, the Interstellar capsule collection, which bundles over 20 novelties under one theme, even shows the extraordinary vision of Arnaud Chastaingt, Director of Chanel Watch Creation Studio. Chanel,replica audemars piguet who had pushed the boundaries of her fashion house before her, masterfully mastered the multi-pronged organs of the house, so she succeeded in building her own beautiful and robust citadel of Haute Horlogerie.
As the name suggests, interstellar, meaning between stars, it is a capsule collection inspired by space, science fiction (SF) and time travel. A capsule collection is a collective term for individual pieces that are either limited edition or only available for a limited time. Some people may have heard the name of Interstellar and thought of the title of Christopher Nolan's movie of the same name. Of course, it has nothing to do with the movie directly. The house's founder, Gabrielle Chanel, is famous for being inspired by her own constellation (Leo), as well as the universe and Comète (Comète). Inheriting this house tradition, Chanel Watch Creation Studio has melted the various elements listed above into the big theme of Interstellar so that the current generation living in the 21st century can sympathize more diversifiedly.
The J12 Eclipse Box Set is a one-of-a-kind piece set consisting of a total of 7 black and white ceramic watches. As the name suggests, it is impressive that the watch reproduces the dramatic change of a total solar eclipse. Since the introduction of the J12 Paradox, a combination of black and white ceramics in 2020, the house's creative attempts to cross the boundaries of color have been manifested in an unpredictable form through Arno Chastin's ingenious imagination. As a result, it has been reborn as a timepiece with a completely unique color that no established watchmaker has ever attempted.
Also, if you look closely, you can feel the delicate difference between the black ceramic with a matt finish and the white ceramic with a glossy polished finish. I couldn't help but stick my tongue out at Chanel's tenacious perfectionism to think of different finishes while using black and white ceramic separately for one watch.replica watches uk The case size of all models is the same at 38mm, and the movement is an automatic manufacturer Caliber 12.1 with a 70-hour power reserve supplied by Kenissi Manufacture, which Chanel holds a 20% stake in - well known to us as a supplier of Tudor's movements. has been mounted.